Thursday, 5 December 2013

Sun and Moon craft

~Medha is 30 months old~

I happened to see Sun, Moon, Stars peel and stick stickers online. I thought I can teach differences about the things we see in sky in Day time And Night time. So I ordered those stickers.

I first gave two chart papers to Medha and asked her to paint with the color of sky. Then she brought blue color crayons and colored the charts in her own way.

And now I showed her the packet of stickers and asked her to stick them to charts as day time things on one chart and night time on other chart. She started peeling off the stickers and glued to the paper almost correctly except for clouds. As the packet has 2 colors of clouds, she assumed that in day time we see white color clouds and night time blue color clouds as it is cold during the night.

She remembered what mommy said earlier about temperatures in day and night. I told " When compared to day time, night time it will be cold. " and some other day I also said " Sky is full of clouds, it might rain." She asked me how do you know? Did sky lord called and told you? :P Yes. she asks this kind of questions. As a reply to her question, I said "As clouds are in dark blue color, I think it may rain". Now she combined both the discussions and concluded to glue in such way.

And she continued peeling the stickers and glued to paper and she was very happy about the final craft. We had done this craft in the last month but still she keeps showing this to everyone and talks about Sun, Moon and Star. :)

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