Thursday, 12 December 2013

Book review : Hippo has a hat

~Medha is 33.5 months old~

One of my new friend, Rajeswari, suggested this book for Medha as it's a big hit for her daughter. As this book is also from Julia Donaldson, the author of Room On the Broom book, without second thought I ordered this book for Medha. OMG, how I missed this book all these days. I should have own this book right from when Medha is a toddler.  Better than never, here is our review. 

Title : Hippo Has A Hat
Author :  Julia Donaldson
Publisher : Macmillan Children\'s Books (2010)


Hippo has a hat is an animal based book, and is especially recommended for very young children or toddlers. This book is very short, yet very informative. This tells the story of hippo and his friends who go to a clothes store to find some items for a party. Different animals try different items on to see if they fit, with differing results! Tiger seems to love his new shirt but poor pig just can’t seem to fit into her jeans. 

This book is full of alliterations and rhymes. The book has loads of different animal characters (all trying different types of clothes). The front cover of the book has a gigantic picture of a hippo and in big colorful letters the words “Hippo Has a Hat” is written to emphasize the fact that it’s an animal based book.  It’s a delightful book where loads of animals dress up and then have a dress up party in the end. Young children can do a role- play, where they dress- up differently.

The book offers a lot of scope for games with the child. Each page gives a sneak preview to the animal on the next page provides for a good guessing game.
I found this video in the google search, see this to get a good idea on what this book is about? 

What young children will like?

  • Bright and lively pictures perfect for little 1.5-2 year old's.
  • Children can learn a lot from this book as a short story including rhyme, different types of animals, as well as different types of clothes.

Medha liked it ?

  • Medha loved each and every animal picture in the book.
  • She giggles by seeing picture of pig just can’t seem to fit into her jeans.
  • And the picture of duck can't wear the shirt properly
  • Dress up party of all animals in the end. 
  • She tries to find out the animal that coming up in next page. 
  • She loves to identify all the animals in the last page of book.

My Rating


This adorable story is a beautiful book which helps your preschooler learn about various animal names and various dresses.

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