Thursday, 27 February 2014

Our list for 30 Books in 30 Days Challenge

As mentioned in the previous post, here is the list of books I am planning to read with Medha in 30 Days Challenge. This is a tentative list that I am planning to read, I may change or add any new book as per Medha's interest on that particular day and/or as per Bubble Ink recommendation.

No.Book NameAuthor PublisherMMM Review Link
1Room On the BroomJulia DonaldsonMacmillan Children's Books Review
2Big Dog Little DogP.D.EastmanRHUSReview
3Bear feels IllKarma WilsonSimon & Schuster Childrens BooksReview
4One Ted Falls Out of BedJulia DonaldsonPAN MACMILLAN INDIA
5Goodnight GorillaPeggy RamnathanG.P.Putnam Son'sReview
6Handa's SurpriseEileen Browne  Candlewick Press Review
7Monkey and MeEmily GravettMac Uk
8Where is Gola Home?Chitra SoundarTulika
9Never Too Little to LoveJeanne WillsPAN MACMILLAN INDIA
10Kat and KitTomie, DePaolaPenguin USA
11Bestfriends foreverRicha JhaWISDOM TREE-NEW DELHI
12Monkey PuzzleJulia DonaldsonPAN MACMILLAN UK
13The watermelon routeQuentin Greban Jyotsna Prakashan
14The Milkman's cowVidya Pradhan CBT Publications
15Just Like a babyJuanita Havill and Christine DavenierChronicle Books
16Born to ReadJudy SierraKnopf Books 
17Pranav's PictureNandini NayarTulika
18Chocolate Mousse for Greedy GooseJulia DonaldsonPAN MACMILLAN INDIA
19PenguinPolly DunbarWalker Books
20Chicken Licken
21The Bad Tempered LadyBirdEric CarlePenguin UK
22"Slowly, Slowly, Slowly," said the Sloth Eric CarlePuffin Books
23Hippo has a hatJulia DonaldsonPAN MACMILLAN INDIA
24No Matter What (Fox Book)Debi Gliori Kindle
25I like it When Mary MurphyRed Wagon
26Say Boo to the AnimalsIan WhybrowMacmillan Children's Books
27What makes a rainbow?Betty Ann Schwartz Piggy Toes Press
28CarduroyDon Freeman Puffin Books
29Purple JojoSameera Zia Qureshi Tulika
30When a duckling is scaredShyamala S
31Toy HorseDeepa AgarwalCBT Publications
32Where's that Cat?Manjula PadmanabhanTulika
33Feet Problems
34Guess how much I love youSam MacBratneyWalker Books
35Postman BearJulia DonaldsonAcorn wood
36Mallipoo Where are You?Radhika ChadhaTulika
37Ekki DokkiSandhya RaoTulika
38What Shall I make?Nandini NayarTulika
39Party AnimalsKathie Lee Gifford Perseus Books
40What did you see?Nandini NayarTulika
41Up DownVinayak VarmaTulika
42If you give a pig Pancake?Laura NumeroffHarpercollins 
43Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see?Eric CarlePenguin UK
44Watch OutShamim Padamsee Tulika
45Mala's Silver Anklets Annie Besant Tulika
46Kangaroo's Cancan CafeJulia Jarman Orchard

Though it's for 30 days, I noted down around 40 books in the list as I can use them if she is interested to read more books on any day. Some of these books are reviewed here in my blog. And also I prepared this list with the books what we have at home only.

And I also decided to take this opportunity to make sure I review each book we read everyday. Please participate in this challenge, get inspired by fellow moms who are reading and start reading to your kids also everyday without fail.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Book Review : Handa's Surprise

~Medha is 3 years old~

I must thank Devaki from Little Reader's Nook for recommending this book in her story sessions. Not only Medha, even I loved this book a lot. This is such cute and sweet story. You must not miss this book for your kids.

Author : Eileen Browne
Age : 2-6 years
Pages : 32
Publisher : Candlewick

30 Books in 30 Days Challenge from Bubble Ink

Despite my best intentions, I never could get myself to blog on a regular basis due to my work commitments and personal as well. I am well aware that blogging is one of the best ways to record all the activities we do and books we read.

This year I resolved to blog more and, luckily, I had a little help. The recently started a blog about book reviews, The Bubble Ink created "30 books in 30 Days" challenge that challenged participants to read a book daily for 30 days. Please read the more details here.

The next post will be the list of books that we are thinking to read during this challenge which is tentative list. We may change the book to read based on Bubble Ink recommendations or Medha's interest. And I am preparing this list as it helps us in identifying what books we have and what we read already and what can we read during challenge.  Keep watching this space and please participate in this challenge to raise readers in your home. :) 

And I am extending this challenge to make sure I review the book I read in the challenge. So "30 Book Reviews in 30 Days challenge", I must say. Looking forward for this challenge to see what others are reading and getting some good recommendations of books for Medha from fellow moms. 

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Kick Start of Medha's 4th Year

It's not even a week we celebrated Medha's third birthday last week on 19th, (sorry separate post is on the way on how we celebrated her birthday) - She gave me a big surprise yesterday with a great gift.

She made her own greeting card from the book gifted by her dear neighbor aunt, Meryl, which is about craft tasks that kids can do of Level 3. And when I asked her whom this card is for, she said its for AMMA.

Then just simply I said, write my name on it by mentioning TO. I pronounced it as "T - O, TO" and in the new line my name "LEELA". She knew the spelling of my name except that sometimes she don't mention double E - "LELA".  She took it seriously and got a crayon and started writing it.

And here is the final card she gifted me yesterday night i.e. 24th Feb, 2014.

Card made by Medha with my Name 

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Simple Sensory Play with Salt Tray

Why would you need crayons, pencils, paper, white board to draw when you can have more fun with Salt Tray! Draw pictures, write letters, create patterns, and practice writing names with this simple tray.

The greatest thing about this Salt Tray is it is cheap to setup, educational, you will find all the items around the home and trust me it will entertain your little one for hours! This is a great fun activity for kids of all ages.

You just need a tray/plate and salt. You can also use -

  • The lid of a plastic tub or container.
  • Cardboard box
  • Medium Plastic Container that has low sides

Friday, 7 February 2014

Medha Update

The people who follow my blog from beginning they already know that I believe Montessori Curriculum which basically allows kids to learn on their own pace. And in this, kid learns everything with play. 

I can proudly say that whatever Medha learnt till date, it's purely by PLAY. I never asked her to recite /read aloud any letters, numbers or any things. I just planned few activities from the ideas I got from various websites and other internet resources etc. She learnt all her letters, numbers, counting, sorting, and whatever she knew now is purely by PLAY.  That much I love MONTESSORI. 

And to continue same in her early years of education, we decided upon few Montessori Schools and joined her in Roots Montessori, IndiraNagar, Bangalore. But as montessori starts at 2 years 6 months, Medha is little late for Mont 1. (Nursery in usual terms) hence after speaking with management, I joined her in the school from Feb 1st itself. So that she can do the Mont 1 activities for another 6 months until she is 3.5 years and can continue to further levels. 

So far a week, Medha cried on the first day though school is not a new thing for her (she was going to a play school from past 7 months) as she was seeing all new faces. She was in school only for half an hour and then we came back. 

But after coming home, I told her that it's similar to her old school. My Little baby, I don't know how much she understood. But she didn't cry even once from second day. She loved the school as they have various varieties of Montessori toys. Way to Go Medha!! Hope you will love this school much more and enjoy your schooling. :) 

Monday, 3 February 2014

Book Review : Bear Feels Sick

~Medha is 35.5 months old~

I must thank Devaki for sending me this book as part of February theme, Love Makes Our World Go Round, subscription kit from Little Reader's Nook.

Title : Bear Feels Ill
Author : Karma Wilson
Age : 3-7 years
Pages : 40
Publisher : Simon & Schuster Childrens Books