Friday, 7 February 2014

Medha Update

The people who follow my blog from beginning they already know that I believe Montessori Curriculum which basically allows kids to learn on their own pace. And in this, kid learns everything with play. 

I can proudly say that whatever Medha learnt till date, it's purely by PLAY. I never asked her to recite /read aloud any letters, numbers or any things. I just planned few activities from the ideas I got from various websites and other internet resources etc. She learnt all her letters, numbers, counting, sorting, and whatever she knew now is purely by PLAY.  That much I love MONTESSORI. 

And to continue same in her early years of education, we decided upon few Montessori Schools and joined her in Roots Montessori, IndiraNagar, Bangalore. But as montessori starts at 2 years 6 months, Medha is little late for Mont 1. (Nursery in usual terms) hence after speaking with management, I joined her in the school from Feb 1st itself. So that she can do the Mont 1 activities for another 6 months until she is 3.5 years and can continue to further levels. 

So far a week, Medha cried on the first day though school is not a new thing for her (she was going to a play school from past 7 months) as she was seeing all new faces. She was in school only for half an hour and then we came back. 

But after coming home, I told her that it's similar to her old school. My Little baby, I don't know how much she understood. But she didn't cry even once from second day. She loved the school as they have various varieties of Montessori toys. Way to Go Medha!! Hope you will love this school much more and enjoy your schooling. :) 

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