Wednesday, 26 February 2014

30 Books in 30 Days Challenge from Bubble Ink

Despite my best intentions, I never could get myself to blog on a regular basis due to my work commitments and personal as well. I am well aware that blogging is one of the best ways to record all the activities we do and books we read.

This year I resolved to blog more and, luckily, I had a little help. The recently started a blog about book reviews, The Bubble Ink created "30 books in 30 Days" challenge that challenged participants to read a book daily for 30 days. Please read the more details here.

The next post will be the list of books that we are thinking to read during this challenge which is tentative list. We may change the book to read based on Bubble Ink recommendations or Medha's interest. And I am preparing this list as it helps us in identifying what books we have and what we read already and what can we read during challenge.  Keep watching this space and please participate in this challenge to raise readers in your home. :) 

And I am extending this challenge to make sure I review the book I read in the challenge. So "30 Book Reviews in 30 Days challenge", I must say. Looking forward for this challenge to see what others are reading and getting some good recommendations of books for Medha from fellow moms. 

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