Friday, 14 March 2014

Book Review : Giraffes can't dance

~Medha is 3 years old~

When I was thinking of books that are about "being YOURSELF" theme as part of The Bubble Ink - 30 Books in 30 Days challenge, I came across this book. When I read first time, I found this as a sweet story with funny and beautiful illustrations.

Author : Giles Andreae
Age : 3-6 years
Pages : 32
Publisher : Cartwheel Books


This is a story about a giraffe called Gerald who can't dance. With knees that are “awfully bandy” and a legs that are “rather thin,” Giraffe can’t seem to figure out how to make his body parts work together in order to dance. As a result, he gets teased by the other animals. After a devastating encounter at the local 'Jungle Dance' event, he is laughed out of town.

With the guidance of a wise and gentle cricket (grasshopper like insect) , and with new found confidence that different isn't always bad Gerald learns to listen to the sounds around him and to his own body, and is able to dance so well that the other animals are left in awe.

What young children will like?

  • Colorful and charming illustrations throughout which will be sure to capture every child’s attention/imagination.
  • If you've ever wanted to see or show warthogs waltzing, rhinos rock 'n' rolling, lions dancing the tango, and chimps doing a cha-cha to your kids, then this is the book for you.

  • Rhyming of text
  • The delightful tale tells two vital morals to children; one being that where all different and we all have different abilities and another moral being that you shouldn't leave someone out because their different, you should treat them the same because there may be things you can’t do but they can.
  • Children will be able to identify the various creatures detailed in the book. The characters are lovable and humorous

Medha liked it ?

  • She loved cover of the book in the first glance. This is sure to catch the eyes of readers young and old.
  • She laughed at the pictures showing animals doing all manner of unusual things.
  • She loved the way how cricket motivated Giraffe and she loved the following text (ofcourse I translated to Telugu, and explained her)
"Excuse me!" coughed a cricket
who'd seen Gerald earlier on.
"But sometimes when you're different
you just need a different song."

  • She understood so well that we shouldn't make fun of people who may be different to us. She was talking about a person we met who was physically challenged and can't listen and can't talk properly.  I felt very happy that she understood we shouldn't talk bad or make fun of people who can't do the things like us. 

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  1. I love this book! It is my favorite of all of my daughter's books. I read this even if she is not listening. It is a great story and lesson for children to learn. The pictures are very colorful and detailed. I am going to buy another copy for an upcoming baby shower.