Medha's To Do Before 4

Thanks to Salma & Falak for the amazing list on their blogs, that’s what inspired me.The rules:
  1. Make a checklist of the things you would want your little one to do before their next birthday
  2. As and when it is achieved Strike it off preferably mentioning the date
  3. You might link it to related posts as well.
  4. I keep changing it every year
Before Medha completes 4 years of age, we will have to work on* :
  • Work on more fluency in English tenses, phonics. 
  • Join Medha in Dance/Music class as per her interest
  • Get Night Potty Trained (though, she pee only once during night)
  • Review at least 2 books in a month 
  • Do at least 2 Montessori activities in a week. 
  • 1 Craft activity atleast in a week
  • Get out of "I do not want to comb my hair" complaint.
  • Get her eating curd.

* I have mentioned ‘we’ because with a child it is never ‘she should be able to’ we will have to focus on these things. It is more a target for us, than the toddler if you look at them properly… I for one do not believe in forcing or competing when it comes to parenting. Per me I strongly believe in”to each child their own”

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