Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Roller Stamp

Roller stamps are the stamps that create fun patterns. After purchasing this I felt it is costlier as they are just similar to other kind of roller stamps that available for 30-50/- but the difference is it create some Micky mouse related patterns.

It has 5 colored roller model stamp where as each creates different pattern as shown above. 

She tried to identify letters and colors that are created when you roll the stamp on the paper. But Medha creates lot of mess whenever I give painting or stamps or color sketch pens etc. by rubbing to hand and dress etc. So I used to take at most care of dressing her up in old clothes or night dresses. She wanted to explore all those colors and patterns on her own hand, of course kids are like that. :)

I also used this roller stamp as highlighter when she is working on "Odd Man Out" worksheets. I asked her to roll this with specific color one on the odd one. She loved doing it as she was bored of marking with regular pen or pencil. :) 

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