Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Book Review : Dancing On Walls

I have bought "Dancing On Walls" story book for Medha's second birthday. Here is my review on this book. 

Title : Dancing on walls
Author : Shamim Padamsee
Publisher : Tulika Publisher


The story is simple and about a girl. Shirvi is a little girl who lives in the Sahyadri hills. Her parents and siblings have gone out and so Shirvi is alone at home. She wants to clean up the house and decorate it for her parents before they get back home as a surprise. And then the story starts. Shirvi sees little white creatures falling from the moon (moon people) and helps one of them. They decide to help her back and end up cleaning the house and painting the walls. How the Warli paintings get on the walls is what the book is all about Exciting words by Shamim Padamsee and absolutely awesome illustrations by Uma Krishnaswamy, this book is a wonderful way to introduce your child to the cultural side of India.

What young children will like?

  • Illustrations
  • How the part that moon has no water is subtly brought into the text
  • The simple story line and the easy words
  • The clothes of the Sahaydri folks, it looks really authentic
  • The clean pages and the last page which is a riot of Warli art

Medha liked it ? 

  • She loved the pictures alot. Especially Walri art pictures.
  • Medha is mesmerized about the concept of moon people comes down on to earth.
  • I knew the book influenced Medha because last time when we saw Warli art on a dress when we went to Clothes Shop, she recognizes it and says Amma, Shirvi book drawing!

My Rating


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