Friday, 27 September 2013

Learning shapes through play dough

Medha is not so creative in creating shapes and models using Play dough. She just loves using play dough moulds to create shapes or just repeats whatever I show to make. I was thinking about new ways of exploring Play dough then I came up with following idea.

I remembered that I had printed shapes sheet from 1+1+1=1 sometime back which looks like following.

I pulled that out from the file archives along with play dough box. I asked Medha to trace the shapes with Play dough. She knows most of the shapes already out of this sheet except Crescent and Hexagon shapes. She had done tracing shapes with clay easily for simple shapes like Rectangle, Diamond, Circle and Crescent shapes. 

The best part is she was unable to pronounce Crescent hence she keep on prompting me its MOON whenever I say Crescent assuming I am wrongly guessing the shape. 

She took more time for Hexagon and Star shapes as she never traced those shapes earlier. And also she kept on asking me to spell the what shape that was by pointing her fingers to HEXAGON. 

She managed to finish tracing all the shapes with the play dough. Though some of them are not perfect in shape, I am happy with outcome. 

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