Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Book Review : Pepper Brushes His Teeth

I have got "Pepper Brushes His Teeth" story book for Medha. Actually three books from Pepper Series. Rest will be discussed in other posts. Here is my review on this book. 



Pepper Brushes His Teeth is the story of the endearing character of Pepper, the little lovable puppy brushing his teeth daily before going to bed. The whole pepper series are how Pepper resolves little conflicts that come in his way each day. This book is about brushing teeth.  

Pepper rejects brushing his teeth when his mother asks to do before going to bed. The story is about how Pepper's mother convinced and made him to brush his teeth himself.

What young children will learn?

  • Each kid will relate to the experiances of Pepper as he discovers the joy and sorrows of growing up. 
  • The illustrations in each page are clear and bold and charming 
  • I am sure the kids who are self readers, they can easily read this book and understand without any help. 
  • This book can be introduced at very early age like 1.5years to 2 years as pictures are really impressive.

Medha liked it ?

  • She related herself with Pepper in each page illustration
  • And everyday when she brushes her teeth, she reminds Pepper and this story. And says that Pepper's mom said that germs will come if we don't brush the teeth. I am brushing my teeth so no germs can come.

My Rating (as per Medha's interest)


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