Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Kitchen Tongs

Today, at first I asked Medha to sort out all magnenic alphabets we have at home color wise. She sorted out all the letters twice. When her interest started to wane, I added something that I guessed she would love and that would practice Fine Motor Skills and Hand-Eye Coordination. (Actually I need to think/find out some activity to teach her alphabets in the order, she is able to recognize each and every letter individually before her second birthday itself. But I am not finding better fun activity to do this.)


I asked her to pick each letter with tongs and drop in a bottle/box one with wide neck and one with narrow one (To teach Which one is bigger? She is already good in identifying sizes, but just brushing up skills again and again) .

She was so excited to do that and started picking each letter and drop it in bottle if it's small and left all the bigger ones in the tray itself.

After some time, she again tried dropping bigger ones into bottle and figured out that bigger alphabets doesn't fit in the bottle as the bottle mouth is small, then instead of dropping them in the bigger box, she placed them on the mat sorting by color. (Self thinking and self decision making what to do with those :) Happy to see that.)

And she finished dropping all the letters in 10 minutes and closed the bottle and she kept in the closet safely so that no one takes that bottle. :)

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