Friday, 23 August 2013

Convenient and Useful Items for Kids (Atleast for Medha)

I have bought few interesting items for Medha. She loved most of these items. Posting the pictures an details of those items here so that she can see all those items in future. I am sure this list will be goes on..... :) :) 

You might ask me can't our kids grow without using these, yes they can. I didn't mention these are MUST I just said useful and convenient. :)

This post may help you too on getting an idea on items and their use.

  • Tumblers with it's own "built-in" straws, got this for INR 35/-. These are perfect alternative to one time use Plastic Straws. And this is ideal for the kids enjoy the 'I wanna drink on my own' way. 

  • Fold-able Cups - Made of bright, colorful plastic, these light-weight cups collapse into a pocket-size pill box. Just remove the lid, extend the pieces, and we have a water-tight cup. I got this for INR 40/- 

  • Spoon-Fork-Knife All In One - The best part I liked is its perfect for picnic or travel as I can use this for Medha's snacks like idlys, watermelon etc. And this is made up of heat resistant PC material and Teflon Friendly (anti - scratch model) too.  And I got this for INR 25/-

  • Sip-a-bowl - Bowls with a built-in straw, so Medha can neatly drink up every last bit of cereal milk, soup and even ragi malt etc. Some times she asks me to feed normal rice too in that bowl, meaning we used this as a regular bowl too. :) I got this for INR 130/-

  • Spoon Straws - These let you scoop out fruit at the bottom or a thick milk shake. Straw lets kids sip and spoon picks up the fruit. We can make our malts as thick as we want or smoothie with a slice of fruit on the top. I bought this for INR 60/-

Some of picture credits: ShoppieUnlimited and NicheCollection

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