Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Summer Theme - Day 4 - Thematic Learning

~Medha is 3 years 1 month old~

Yayy!! We completed 3 days of our first theme SUMMER successfully.. Now we are on 4th day to learn about summer in fun way.

Here is what we've been doing in this theme. Let us know what you think. We hope by providing these ideas or information, it will make your life easier and you can also do something similar for your kids!

Here is what we did?

First we discussed about things what we did yesterday. And then started following new things after that.  We thought we will do some crafts about Ice and Ice creams which are favorite to most of the kids and without which SUMMER can't be full.

Popsicle Ice Craft

I was thinking of asking to make her Popsicle Ice with clay dough first. But I don't have many colored dough to make these. Hence I asked her to color paper with various colors and cut those in the form of Popsicle and glue to the ice-cream craft sticks. That's it. We have so many colored Popsicle stick ice with us now. :) Sorry I couldn't take the pictures while she was coloring and cutting the shapes. She is good in cutting straight but curves I did.

We made Red, Gold, Green, Blue and Brown color Popsicle Ices :) 

Color the SUN

I printed the coloring page of SUN from education.com and asked Medha to color it as she was more interested in coloring past a week. 

Colored Ice Cube Painting Activity


  • Ice Cube Tray
  • Food Coloring any of your and your kid's choice
  • Foil Wrap paper
  • Water
  • Tooth Picks

How to do? 

  • We have Green, Red, Orange food colors at home and as Medha wanted Yellow too we used turmeric powder also. 

  • Spoon the food colors into the ice cube tray and pour water into tray to get colored water. You can also encourage kid to mix the colors and see. 
  • Once done wrap the tray with food foil paper and insert tooth picks into each cube ( Wrapping tray with paper is to hold the toothpick. If you want you can insert the toothpicks once its half frozen too. But I preferred this as I don't have to check again and again.) She didn't do this much efficiently but it is okay. 

  • Put the tray inside the freezer.
  • When ice cubes are solid frozen, take out the ice tray from the freezer and remove the wrap carefully and allow it to stand at room temperature for a few minutes. Twist the ice tray slightly to loosen the ice cubes.

  • Give your child as much paper as he needs to paint. Most kids love to keep on painting with these ice cubes until they're almost melted. This time Medha didn't want to color on white paper instead she chose a newspaper. 

As this is paint with ice cubes, don't expect too fine coloring with this. 

Goggles Making Activity

We bought Do It Yourself Goggle Making Kit from online facebook page and we made the goggles with it. It's super simple and cool activity. :) She made this with very minimal help from me and posed for a snap. 


  • We did Ice Melting activity again today but instead of Salt, we put the ice cube in a hot vessel and normal vessel to see which melted fast
  • We also read the Summer Clothing worksheet printables by 2TeachingMommies.com

  • We also did some worksheets on matching and counting etc. related to Summer theme from allkidsnetwork.com
Pick odd one out and counting worksheets

Matching Worksheet

And I didn't plan any activities related to water play or beach play as I felt those can be separate theme. 

I think we are done with the activities we planned for this theme and closing SUMMER Theme by today. I agree that there can be lot of other activities planned for this theme. But I don't want too much at a time. Go Slow and make your kid happy and enjoy by end of the day. 

Please comment if you like any of the activities and leave your feedback. 

Happy Parenting!! Will meet with new theme tomorrow. :) 


  1. Hi leela, Where did you get the DIY goggle making kit?

  2. Hi Rashmi, I bought from page https://www.facebook.com/KidsKnickKnacks, This page owner stays close to my house. I buy lot of DIY stuff from her. Checkout their page. I bought this for 120/- from her

  3. Lavanya Prasad3 April 2014 at 12:01

    wow..Leela..That's lovely..loved the icecube water colours and the popsicle activities.Will try it with my little one too. :-)

  4. Thanks alot Lavanya. Do let me know how your kid enjoyed once you try!! :)