Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Pom-pom Drop

For 1-year-Olds, and toddlers, the best ideas are usually the simplest. Here is a great toddler game that I re-created based on an idea that I found on Pinterest. You could try it too!! :) 

Just gather any paper towel tube/cardboard tube or you can use any plastic tube too which has both sides opening and pom-poms and any cup That's it.

Stick the cardboard tube to any wall or door with tape. And give pom-poms to your child to drop them through tube as he/she could try to fill the cup with pom-poms.

She was excited as I clapped whenever pom-pom dropped into the bowl properly. She continued to do this with all pom-poms she had. 

I also had tongs available to exercise finger muscles in picking up the pompoms. :)

And this was her expression everytime she had dropped the pom-pom into bowl correctly through cardboard tube. She excited and danced . :) :) 

Of course, use discretion with toddlers and small objects like pompoms. Medha have gotten months of practice with small objects under my supervision most of the times, and she has past the mouthing stage. But of course, I still watched her to make sure.

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