Friday, 4 October 2013

Flower Painting

Toddlers love to paint. They love everything-color! Medha also no exception. She loved this activity! The best part is, you really don't need anything else except for a few flowers and the kiddie paints.

Items you need for this:

  • Kid friendly washable paints 
  • Drawing sheets, ( I have used note book pages as I am running out of Drawing Sheets)
  • Flowers ( Any flowers, I plucked flowers from the plants in my balcony garden).

Before I start explaining her about activity itself , she mixed the colors in lot of water so our colors became so watery. I just went ahead with same instead of replacing the colors as I can explain how the patterns depends upon the amount of water you mix. 

Ask the kid to dunk a flower each in different paints and dab on the paper. Stick to using a single flower at a time to have a good looking pattern. Let the sheets dry.. You could use these in other craft projects to make greeting cards, wall art etc. That's our plan as well. 

She was very impressed by seeing the flower patterns on a full paper once she finished.  

And asked for one more paper to continue doing same. She brought some leaves from plants in my balcony garden and tried with leaves too. 

She used violet color flower alone for second paper. As this flower little bigger and better in shape when compared to others the patterns came up well.  And she was pointing to brown color one in the above picture and telling me that it came up as just like "House-fly" shape.  (Right Side Pic, Last row - middle one).

 This project comes up really well if you use medium or big flowers and the paint shouldn't be too watery!!!

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