Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Indoor Activities with Toddler / Kids

Its always one of the most important things on my mind to find something to keep Medha busy instead of crying to play with the same toy or competing to sit with me or troubling me while working. As long as I can keep her busy for few minutes/hour, life is a bit easy and not to mention that I can breath for few minutes peacefully and can attend my office calls . Usually she is very cooperative but she is child so its always a hectic day for me.

Anytime we go out shopping instead of buying a big expensive toy I look for something on clearance or something which I can buy for just couple of bucks to keep her busy for 1/2 hr. a day at least for 2 days.. This way I can get 2-3 different toys instead of just one.. No matter what we buy for them they lose interest soon and won’t play for more than few minutes with it so I have to think about keeping him busy by finding new activities everyday.. Let me tell you its very hard to always look for new ideas but here are the couple of things that works every time.. (Only for 10 minutes though)

Reading her a Story book which has some interesting pictures. Kids mostly love animal's pictures (or at least Medha love those kind of books).

  • Finger Painting - Don't worry about what they are painting. Let them just do lines,rounds etc 
  • Tell them to grab a toy phone (or ask them to take any toy to use like a phone) and talk. (I love this because it gives me an insight of Medha’s thoughts) 
  • Hide something in one hand and ask them to guess & find it. 
  • Talk about what your kid liked when you went to a particular place like Zoo,Museum or General Store shop 
  • Indoor Crafting such as making paper boats, butterfly shapes etc. 
  • Sticker Books (Most of the kids can go Sticker crazy when they are about 2-3 year old) 
  • A B C D Puzzle Mats - Let the child learn numbers and letters through play with Alphabet Number puzzle mat which will have interlocking foam tiles and pop-out letters and numbers. 
  • Show them your Picture Albums and explain briefly about each picture in a language they can easily relate. 
  • Jigsaw puzzles - Start with smaller ones. I have bought First Puzzles series of 7 books. Medha would like to solve jigsaw puzzles a lot now though she didn't like it few months back. 

I will keep on adding more and more activities whenever I get to know.

I am sure there are million other indoor activities which different mothers use according to the interest of their kids. Would love to find out about different activities. Comment what you use to keep your kid busy. I will add interesting ones in this page.

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