Thursday, 30 January 2014

Book Review : Where's that cat?

~Medha is 35.5 months old~

Last week, we are talking about Farm Animals a lot, then I was searching for some simple books that involved animals, then I came across this simple yet beautiful book from Tulika Publishers.

The cover is pretty simple a picture of an innocuous orange cat looking out of the curtain and I am sure every one will like the text with humorous illustrations.

Author : Manjula Padmanabhan
Age : 3+
Pages : 20
Publisher : Tulika Books


The story is all about a cute little girl, Minnie,  comes home from school and can’t find her pet cat Pooni. She goes into the garden but Pooni doesn't come when she’s called! Minnie asks people all along the action-packed street if they've seen the cat. Minnie is upset as she couldn't find her Pooni. As per teacher advice, she returns back to home with sad face. By the end there is general relief from everybody both inside and outside the book. Pooni has the last word – “Prrr” – and the final illustration shows Minnie cuddling Pooni, who is no doubt completely unaware of the trouble she has caused. 

Pictures in the book also shows Pooni's silent adventure with crow, Don't miss that when you read :) 

What young children will like?

  • The characters are native – from the parrot lady, the auto driver, the aged couple, the school girls, the vegetable seller, the lady in a nightdress buying vegetables and the cow happily munching the ‘Vote For’ poster!
  • Each and every character in the pictures draws attention of kids. 
  • Cat's Silent Adventure
  • Minnie's facial expressions in the illustrations
  • Love between a pet and girl. 

Medha liked it ?

  • Medha loved the unconventional love between Pooni and Minnie
  • She loved the way cat looking for a crow
  • She also loved the scared cat picture in the book

  • I could really see her feeling pain and sadness of Minnie when she is returning home without finding any clue about Pooni. I loved her involvement in the story :) 



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